2012 Update

Well, we’re into season good and proper now. Nice and busy and we’re enjoying our enthusiastic Broads boaters. So nice to welcome back our regulars as well as welcoming new customers whether avid Broads visitors or total newbies. We’ve already converted quite a few newbies who will definitely be back to the Broads. We know that our customers don’t actually watch much television but we are thrilled with the great television reception that our new digital flat screen freeview T.V.s provide. We look forward to welcoming all of our customers new and old and know that they will have a fabulous holiday whatever the weather!

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2 Responses to 2012 Update

  1. Paula Webber says:

    Well you sure got us hooked from our 1st trip last summer! Back for trip 3 soon, can’t wait! That’s great news about the TV’s! Will sure be an added bonus for hubby who can’t go without his sporty news even on holiday, lol Keep up the great work, see you soon! x

  2. Chris and Kay Goodman says:

    This blog is getting SO last year – literally.
    We’re now in 2013 and yet no-one seems to be ‘singing the praises’ of the best boatyard on the broads!
    Feedback is so often overlooked when you enjoy a great holiday and, sadly, all too often, it is used only to complain or warn others of bad experiences. I really do urge those people with good experiences to share them with others too.
    Our personal update (we posted in April last year) is that extensive work was carried out on our own boat (Crystal) to an exceptional standard by Richard and his colleagues with the usual administrative, financial and organisational support of Fiona. They really do make owning your own boat for the first time so much less daunting.
    As time goes by, it’ll become less easy to comment on Richard and Fiona’s hiring service but I stand by my recommendations in my last post and feel 100% convinced that their services remain second to none.
    Keep posting, keep hiring, and keep supporting the high quality of a REAL independent boatyard – PACIFIC CRUISERS!

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